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We are dedicated to educating professionals in prehospital emergency medicine, with an efficient use of time and resources in an accredited and certified learning academy. Having worked in the field and as EMS educators, our instructors bring a culmination of over 60 years in summary, to a fresh, updated and convenient education series designed with today’s lifestyle in mind.

EMS education, at least “traditional” EMS education, has remained largely unchanged for the last 20 years. The content and materials have moved along with the ever-changing medical field but the method by which this information and training has been delivered to both new and seasoned medical providers is the same as it was in the 80’s.

Why?  In today’s modern educational institutions, greater than 50 percent of all enrolment is in some form related to online education.

Our mission at EMS Academy, INC is to not only provide the best EMS educational programs available, but also to make these programs accessible to as many individuals as possible.  By offering courses in both a blended format and our new Self-Paced Online Programs, we encourage people who are looking for a new career path yet need to continue to earn a living and people who are looking to accelerate their medical training and fast-track their careers.

The blended learning environment is, in of itself, not a particularly new approach to education but it is relatively new to EMS Education.  Our company expertly utilizes class sessions to hone field skills, improve understanding of the text materials and provide group interaction and online programs to organize, reinforce and test knowledge.  Our new Online Programs place the student's education in their hands and allow them to progress at their own pace.  Students can finish the program in as little as 2 weeks or take up to 6 months to complete the course.  Please click on any courses or course
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EMS Academy, INC is proud to offer a 100% interest-free financing plan to any individual enrolling in our self-paced courses.


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